Central PA Tasting Trail

A tour of Central Pennsylvania’s craft beverage producers.



The Central Pennsylvania Tasting Trail consists of 12 craft beverage producers* in Centre County, PA: 4 microbreweries, 4 wineries, 2 distilleries, and 2 cideries. All the trail members are excited to share their process and their products, and so have created the Tasting Trail Passport.

EXPLORE Together

Purchase a passport and bring it with you to all 12 Centre County craft beverage producers on the trail. Score a unique gift at each venue you stop at — plus a Tasting Trail sweatshirt when you complete the trail that can not be bought — it must be earned.


We invite you to experience a growing selection of craft breweries, distilleries, wineries and cideries while traveling this tempting Central PA Tasting Trail. The trail has gained in popularity since launching in 2015. Along with the hundreds of people who have bought Central PA Tasting Trail passports, even more have attended the Summer Craft Beverage Expo, held annually.

Our trail is unique in two main ways: proximity and diversity. It is easy to book a room and set up home base in State College, but then get to any location on the trail in a matter of minutes.  Also, many trails are just singularly focused on wine, beer, whiskey, etc., but ours offers a diverse offering to match any taste. The trail has also been a popular topic with travel writers visiting the area, such as this piece from Travel Addicts